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This summer I set about bringing a crazy idea to fruition. I wanted a community dance party, and I wanted it to be fun and accepting of the widest possible net. All i could think about was Motown music. And thus "Wotown" was born!

If you're completely clueless as to what I'm talking about, just read the link below...

... I'm just stunned at the kind words. My good friend Taylor Long, the author, really captured the feeling and spirit of Wotown so perfectly.

Seriously, I can't thank you enough.

Wotown by Taylor Long on the Junction Magzazine

At some point after the last Wotown event is done, I'll write up some debriefing thoughts and post them here...


Automations save you from doing annoyingly repetetive things. Things such as pulling public ssh keys from your users' github page. keyscrape will do just that, and save the output in a nice, easy to read text file. You could easily use this to populate an inventory of some sort.

It's all nice and dockerized, too...

Check it out on GitHub

Lift off!

Re-launching... everything

It's a whole new start. Finally getting my online life situated and streamlined. I've been busy filling out the content on this site, but stay tuned for more blogging.